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6.5 Inch Classic Hoverboard Black White Blue Grafitti

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  • Material:ABS+Aluminum frame.
  • Color:White,Blue,Black,Red.
  • Motor power:300W * 2.
  • Net weight:10kg.
  • Lithium battery:36V,4.4AH.
  • Charging time:3h.
  • Maximum load:100kg.
  • Mileage:15KM
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6.5 Inch Classic Hoverboard

6.5 Inch hoverboard is ranked as the most efficient, easy to ride on and durable hoverboards in the market. This smart hoverboard, despite having exceptional features and capabilities, it is fairly priced to suit your budget.

Here is an overview of our 6.5-inch classic hoverboard features.

Motor and Battery

It is fitted with a modern and robust motor that has the ability to produce up to 300W*2 that will provide ample energy to get you to your destination. More importantly, it is fitted with the new generation Samsung battery that works together with the Hanghong motor to give the hoverboard all the power it needs. It only takes 3 hours to charge this battery fully. These two components combined will ensure that you always enjoy a smooth and uninterrupted ride always.

Top Level Materials and Sturdy Construction

Our smart hoverboard is made from top quality ABS material and a waterproof aluminium frame that protects the internal electric components from water damage and other detrimental external factors.

Bluetooth Connectivity and App Function

It has a bluetooth that you can connect with your smartphone to play music as you enjoy your ride down the driveway. The app function gives you additional control of the hoverboard.

Available in Five Distinct Colours

In a bid to meet the diverse preferences of our customers, our 6.5 inch hoverboard in available in five distinct colors, that is,

  • White
  • Black
  • Red
  • Blue

Net Weight and Maximum Load

Despite having exceptional features that make it the best hoverboard to buy in the market, it only weights 10kgs so carrying it around will not be a problem. Its sturdy construction can withstand a maximum load of 100kgs comfortably and this makes it ideal for all age groups.

Maximum Speed and Mileage

The powerful motor and Samsung lithium battery produces enough power that allows it to reach peak speeds of 10km/h. When the battery is fully charged, you can cover up to 20 kilometres. It also comes with a user-friendly remote control that you can use to control speed and direction. We will also furnish you with a spacious bag to help you store and carry it conveniently.

Order Lookit 6.5-inch hoverboard today to enjoy an excellent riding experience without having to break the bank.


Material:ABS+Aluminum frame


Motor power:300W * 2

Net weight:10kg。

Lithium battery:36V,4.4AH

Charging time:3h

Maximum load:100kg


Maximum speed:10KM / H.

Carrying bag:yes



Product size:59 * 19 * 18(cm)

Packing size:67 * 26 * 26(cm)

What is inside the box?

1 × hoverboard

1 × charger

1 ×  carrying bag

1 × remote control


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