8.5 inches Solid Tire for Electric Scooter Xiaomi Mi m365 / gotrax gxl V2

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8.5 inches Solid Tire for Electric Scooter Xiaomi Mi m365 / gotrax gxl V2

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  • Please do not try to install the tire alone. It is suggested that the installation is done by either more than two people or a professional bicycle repair shop which can ensure the success rate of tire installation. Some tools like screwdrivers, spanner, lever and microwave oven are required. We provide installation instructions.
  • If you find the product is not suitable or have any difficulty in the installation process after you receive the package, please Email or Message us.
  • Package Dimensions: 31 x 8.23 x 1.93 inches; 1.54 Pounds.
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The main benefit of solid tires is that they are puncture proof and require no maintenance.  However, because they are not pneumatic, these tires do not provide any shock absorption compared to air filled tires (the tubed and tubeless versions).

The ride won’t be quite as smooth with solid tires, especially if you are riding on rough pavement.  Additionally, since these tires don’t provide as much natural grip as air-filled tires, traction on wet surfaces will be reduced.

How to change the solid tire to your Xiaomi M365 scooter

1. Add some lubricant on the rim of the wheel. This should manage the amount of friction that will be involved during the fitting.
2. You will need to soften the solid wheel before fitting it:
Put it in a microwave and heat the tire for three minutes, checking it after every minute.
4. Once the wheel is soft enough, remove it and fit the rim into it. Let it cool for five minutes.
5. Fasten the nut and the other screws (while replacing the plastic cover) on both sides. This is basically the reverse of the initial process of removing the wheel. Also, make sure that you return the red labels.
6. Fill the hole on the wheel with some silicone to avoid entry of dust, stones or water.
7. For more details, please check the video in the pictures.

Material Plastic, Rubber
Rim Size 8.5 Inches
Item Weight 0.7 Kilograms
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