Benchwheel  1000w Electric Skateboard G1 Available in European.

Daily Maintenance

1.Check the condition of wheels to make sure it rotates freely before each ride Check the trucks and wheels to make sure all components are firmly tightened.
2.Do not ride the board if you hear any abnormal noise from wheel or motor bearings
3.Always store your board in dry and ventilated locations.
4.Keep away from damp occasions to avoid damage to PCB boards and battery.
5.Only use a Benchwheel Charger. Other uncertified chargers may cause safety issues. Battery should always keep in places where temperature under 60Celsius degrees.
6. Oil the bearings regularly


Battery Range:10km

Material: 3layer bamboo 2layer fiber glass of Canadian Maple Wood

Capacity:36V-2200mAh Battery from Samsung
Type:18650 lithium-lon
Charging Time: 1 Hours
Charging Times:800 times

if you need one more battery ,please contact with me :)
Type: single Brushless Direct Current
Max Speed:25km/h
Material:High Performance PU
Type:2.4(Digital Remote)
Charging Time: 1.5 hour
Certificate:CE RoHS
Brand: Lookit

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