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Which one is better Segway vs Hoverboard?(Hoverboard vs Segway minipro)

A lot of people may feel a little confused when talking about Segway VS Hoverboard, what is the difference? Are they the same device? Which one is better?

Today we will do a comparison between these popular electric transporter at present:

  1. Segway VS Hoverboard
  2. Hoverboard VS Segway(Ninebot) mini pro

Let us get started.

Segway VS Hoverboard

What is the difference between hoverboard and segway?

Segway is a two-wheeled self-balancing personal transporter, with a long history started from 2001 by Segway Inc.

Hoverboard, also known as self-balancing scooter, was becoming super popular in 2015. Since it adopted the similar technology of gyroscope and tilt/speed sensor from Segway, people also called it mini segway, hands-free segway or segway hoverboard.

Segway hoverboard with handle

A noticeable difference between the two devices is that there is no handle for the hoverboard. You need to use your body gravity to move forward, backward and turning when riding a self-balancing scooter. On the other side, you must use the handlebar to control direction when cruising on a Segway.

Through 3 years of development, there has been a lot of hoverboard accessory appeared, including hoverboard handles, you can attach the handle to your hoverboard and drive it like a Segway, or drag it like a towing box if you want.


It is not fair to say segway is better than hoverboard, cause the usage of these two gadgets is totally different.

For Segway, due to its large wheel size and outstanding stability, it has been widely used in renting, sightseeing touring, police patrol, exhibition patrol, warehouse handing and so on.

For hoverboard, it is more like an electrical toy for kids with good quality and reasonable cost. If you do not know what to buy as a gift for your children’s birthday or Christmas, Choose Hoverboard, you will never regret.

Wheel Size

The size of Segway is much bigger than hoverboard. Segway wheel size is 19’ while the biggest hoverboard in market is only 10’ wheel.

Top speed

Segway is faster than hoverboard. Its Max speed could reach 20km/h, average maximum speed for self-balancing scooter is 10-15km/h, want to know top speed of different types of hoverboard? Read our post: How fast does a hoverboard go?


Segway range lasts longer than it of hoverboard. You can ride a Segway for as far as 40km for one charge. For hoverboard, its mileage can reach 10-15km depending on rider weight and terrain condition.

Max  load

Both vehicles have close weight limit, which is 120kg. People who are heavier than this limit should not use them.


A hoverboard weighs only 12-15kg, while segway’s weight is 47-54kg. You can hold hoverboard in your hand and carry around if it is out of power, from this point, it is more convenient than Segway.


Due to its large size and wide usage, Segway is relatively more expensive than hoverboard. A Segway I2 CE costs around 5000-6500usd.

However, it only takes 150-300usd to get a good quality hoverboard nowadays.

Hoverboard vs Segway mini pro

Segway mini pro, also known as Ninebot mini pro, was published in 2016 in order to compete with self-balancing scooter. You can treat it as a small version of Segway.

Steering handle

First of all, Segway(ninebot) mini pro is equipped with a small steering handle. You can use your inner thigh or knee to tilt it for turning. Leaning your body to go forward and back forward just like riding a hoverboard. Moreover, there is a retractable bar in the middle of the control stick, you can drag it when the battery dies.


Although the size of Segway mini pro is way smaller than the classic type, the price for it is still higher than hoverboard. It usually costs about 500usd to get a minipro.

Other parameter compare(Segway minipro VS Hoverboard)

Wheel size: 10.5inch VS 10inch(The biggest hoverboard in market now). Ninebot mini pro has 10.5inch pneumatic tire will enable you to glide on uneven road effortlessly. Actually, you will feel more stable on a mini pro than a hoverboard when riding on rough road. Therefore, when choosing a transport tool for short travel, Segway mini pro is obviously the better one.

Top speed: 10mph for segway mini pro, 6.5-12mph for hoverboard. Max speed for self-balancing scooter may differ from brand and types, giving you more options to choose.

Mileage: 14miles for Ninebot mini pro, 8-15miles for self-balancing scooter. Just like the maximum speed, the range of hoverboard is also affected by the brands and types you choose.

Gradeability: Segway mini pro is superior in climbing ability than Hoverboard. With powerful motor power of 400W*2, minipro engine can easily climb up 15° slope.

APP: Segway mini pro comes with an app application, the main function for it is to limit the speed for beginners, the limited speed will be released when riding it for a certain distance. As for hoverboard, there is scooter with app function existing in market now, but most types are still equipped with classic remote key.

Here is a detailed comparison video for Ninebot(Segway) mini pro VS Hoverboard:


Overall, Segway or Segway mini pro is more dominant in the main specification than hoverboard, but it is hard to say which one is better cause they are being used in different usage.

Self-balancing scooter is mainly used for leisure and entertainment, while Segway and mini pro can be applied in many different ways mentioned above. On the other hand, hoverboard does have some advantage in costs and convenience.

Hope you are having fun to read our post about Segway VS Hoverboard, feel free to share or leave your comment below.

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