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Commercial 240kw 480kw Split Type DC EV Super Charging Station

Perfect for:
  • High-traffic charging stations: Built to handle the demands of busy locations with reliable performance and durability.
  • Urban environments: Compact design and efficient operation make it ideal for space-constrained city settings.
  • Commercial fleets: Streamline charging for your fleet vehicles with efficient management and payment options.

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30kW DC Fast Charging Wallbox: IP54 Rated, EMC Class B, Ocpp 1.6j Compliant

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The 30kW DC All-in-One Charger is suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Dedicated urban charging stations (buses, taxis, official vehicles, sanitation vehicles, logistics vehicles, etc.)
  • Public urban charging stations (private cars, commuter vehicles, buses)
  • Parking lots in residential areas, shopping malls, and power distribution outlets
  • Intercity highway charging stations
This charger is particularly well-suited for quick deployment in situations where space is limited.