Pros and cons of hoverboards(Advice for buying hoverboard in 2019

Hoverboard is a wonderful gift for children. But before buying a self-balancing scooter for your loved one, it is necessary to know pros and cons of hoverboards.

Today we will discuss about hoverboard advantages and disadvantages. Even if you are experienced users, these information can let you understand the ride on toy you are using better.

Good things about hoverboard

Easy to learn

It is a piece of cake to grab how to ride a hoverboard for the first time. Actually, you can learn how to ride a hoverboard in less than 10miniutes. Smart balance wheel moves as your gravity changes, once you get used to it, you will cruise it at ease as if it is another foot with wheel on your body.

Reasonable cost

Price for hoverboard ranges from 150usd-400usd. In fact, Segway hoverboard appeared for the first time in 2015, it will cost more than 1200usd per pc back then, a lot of celebrities ride it for fun. Now the price is calmed down and people with limited budget can buy it too.


Hoverboard is way smaller and lighter than Segway. A 6.5inch swegway only weighs about 10kgs, It is easy to hold it in your hand when coming across staircase outside. What is more, most sellers provide a free bag that come along with the self-balancing scooter, good fit to store in truck or carry around.


If you want to go to places nearby such as coffee shop, library, basketball court, etc.But reluctant to drive your car or walking. Hoverboard might be a good choice. By charging 2-3hours, you can glide on a self-balance scooter for as far as 15kms. Max speed for a hoverboard reaches 10-12km/h.

A little tip: Ride on flat terrain as much as possible, and reduce the time for sudden brake. This will make your hoverboard battery last longer.

Environmental friendly

As hoverboard uses lithium battery only but not petrol, it does no harm to the environment. It does not emit any harmful gases, just need to charge some electric power to keep working.

Good play for kids

Children can train their balance skill with hoverboard, while balance is no doubt an important part in athletic performance.

Children can ride their hoverboard out and play with other kids. They can make new friends with this fun toy.

Bad things about hoverboards

It is admitted that hoverboard does have disadvantages, these are some facts you might not know:

You might fall

Kids get super excited when receiving a new hoverboard, they can not wait to try their new toy and become a professional. However, without enough practice, it is easy to fall off or even get hurt at the start. One suggestion is to wear protective kits or have someone held your arm at the beginning of riding a hoverboard.

We have seen a lot of people falling down from their self-balancing scooter, here is a funny video for hoverboard fails:

Bad hoverboard catching on fire

You might hear about some hoverboard catching fire incidents in recent years. Customers bought very cheap self-balancing scooter and charge their hoverboard overnight, house was burnt down because of it.

Do hoverboard still catching on fire or explode in 2018? The answer is yes. Some sellers still adopted bad quality lithium battery or charger on hoverboard. How to avoid buying those defective products? We will reveal the detailed guide at the later part in this post.

You can not ride your hoverboard everywhere

There are laws in some countries for where hoverboard can be used. For instance, in UK, you are not allowed to glide your hoverboard on public road or sidewalk, but only on private properties. As a matter of fact, hoverboard is also banned to bring on plane cause it contains lithium battery.

How to choose a good hoverboard

Before purchasing, We should not only know about Pros and Cons of hoverboards, but also important factors listed below:


You should always buy hoverboard from well-known brands in your market. Never buy cheap self balancing scooter from unknown sellers online. A trust-worthy brand should come with good reviews, long warranty term, 14days money back guarantee and so on.


Quality depends on price. Do not save money to buy a cheap hoverboard which might be a life threat to you and your kids. From our experience, price for a good quality hoverboard should be more than 150usd. And if you want to enjoy a good aftersales service, price might be higher.

UL2272 certification

UL2272 certification is a standard to ensure hoverboard safety in US market nowadays. So if you are a citizen in US, make sure to ask sellers about this certification before purchasing, hoverboard without it could be very dangerous. You can find the UL2272 mark on the bottom of a hoverboard.

In case you are customers from Europe, the hoverboard you are going to buy should be approved by CE/Rohs standard.

Lithium Battery for hoverboard

If you are concerned about the potential danger for hoverboard battery. You can ask the sellers to provide certificate of UN38.3/MSDS before purchasing, these are professional certificate which will not let the seller think you are a newbie.

On the other hand, you can directly ask the seller if the hoverboard adopted Samsung/LG /Good quality China battery cell, if so, demand for a relevant proof. Then you can rest assured to buy the self-balancing scooter.

Safety for charger

A bad charger could also lead to fire incidents. Ensure that your charger has CE/Rohs/UL mark on itself. And do not use charger from other devices to charge your hoverboard carelessly.

Hope you have clear thought now about pros and cons of hoverboards. Every coin has two sides, knowing better about these information will guide you choose the best hoverboard. Feel free to share or comment below if you have any other questions.

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