Tips for Buying Electric Bicycle

Are you having a hard time deciding which electric bike is the best for you? Don’t get bogged down with the details! While it’s so easy to get caught in what you actually want, there are still some considerations that you need to look into.

Why would someone purchase an electric bike?

Actually, an electric bike offers the same benefits as conventional bikes, including cost-savings, hassle-free (no licensing and insurance needed), better health and connection with the local community. But the benefits are more than that!

One of the greatest benefits of electric bikes is that they are efficiency during the wind or climbing hills, combined with improved range. To those who experience workout-induced asthma or knee pain, ebikes provide a breath of fresh air into the cycling sport.

Electric bike eliminates the most commonly encountered roadblocks with the classic pedal-powered bicycles. However, it doesn’t mean that ebikes are perfect. They can be costly, complicated and heavy, which can be a real pain in the neck when the battery runs out in the most inconvenient time and place.

Now that you know why you should buy an electric bike, it’s time to pick out the right one. Sure thing, there’s a plenty of selection, but just put serious thought into it and you’ll end up to the right one. Let’s walk through a few pointers to help you choose the right eBike for you.

Things To Consider When Buying Electric Bike

Know your playground.

Ebikes are made for different people and for different uses. It depends on you to pick which one matters to you most, which is not necessary, and then discuss those preferences to the retailer. But first off, you need to know your playground- the place where you will be frequently riding your bicycle in. Electric bikes are designed for various uses, such as relaxed cruising, cargo hauling, mountain biking, trail riding, child transport, sand and snow riding, urban commuting and road biking. You can narrow down your preferences by figuring out your playground first.

Choose the type of Ebike.

Mainly, there are two types of eBikes. The first type of electric bike is the “pedelec”, a ride that monitors the user’s pedaling and adds a certain level of motor support automatically, depending on the rider’s speed, rate and force. In many countries, the maximum speed is 25 km/h. And when the driver hits this limit, the bike automatically switches off. However, there are also available higher-performance ebikes that can ride up to 45 km/h, but users must have special license and insurance. The other type is the ‘twist-n-go’. The rider uses a switch to trigger motor assistance. This type of electric bike, which is powered by a throttle, won’t be needing tax, insurance and licensing.

Consider the type of motor.

There are two primary types of motors. It can either be mounted in the one of the bikes wheels (called hub motor assist) or set up set the crank and pedal area (called crank motor assist). Ideally, crank motor assist electric bikes are known to be efficient on steep hills, but they can be a bit noisy depending on the type and brand. On the other hand, hub motors don’t do well in hills, but they tend to be remarkably quiet.

More expensive electric bike batteries are designed with batteries that are lighter, longer-lasting and charge quickly.  The battery quality can make a big difference, so be sure to pick out a reputable brand manufacturer. Also, make sure that the battery is included in the warranty for a maximum of two years. A lithium-ion battery is ideally known to last up 800 complete-charge cycles, which is equivalent to 3-year weekday commute. The best thing about lithium-ion batteries is that they can last longer with proper use. Look into the battery capacity, battery chemistry and manufacturer when buying electric bike.

Look into the range.

Range refers to the distance that an electric bike can go on one full-charge of its battery. Well, this is perhaps the most essential consideration when buying your first electric bike. If you are fond of riding on steep hills, for instance, you surely won’t wish to run out of juice on your halfway up. The range of the bike depends on the speed, weight, battery capacity, the percentage of the applied pedaling pressure and the level of motor assistance you choose. If you will go for a 10-km commute, you don’t actually need to have a 70-km range. However, you need to choose an electric bike with range higher than what you actually need because the range is likely to drop as your battery ages.

Consider the price.

Keep in mind that quality electric bikes are quite expensive. Yes, you can buy a very basic bike, but how long will it last to serve you? Pick an average eBike with functional brakes, quality frame, high quality suspension and top of the line components. When buying your first electric bike, you might want to spend a bit for the motor. However, it does not mean that you have to settle for the most expensive type and brand, though. There’s a wide range of eBikes out there, and all you have to do is to do your homework to find one with a decent price and high quality at the same time.

‘Test-ride’ it!

Perhaps, the most fun part of buying an ebike is the test riding. Doing a test-ride on an electric bike enables you to set aside doubts, research and reviews and just seek for an answer to the very basic question, “Do I love this eBike?”If you have a good feel of it, you must answer other questions. Does it do well in steep hills? Is it functional and durable like I expected?

Don’t forget the warranty.

Buying an electric bike is an investment, whether or not you’ve picked out the most expensive brand. Make sure that it comes with warranty because it will ensure that your investment was really worth it. At least, it must have a two-year warranty on motor, battery and parts.

Pick out the right retailer.

Choosing the right retailer is as important as picking out the right electric bike for you. When evaluating a bike store, there are three main points that you need to consider- feel, commitment and quality. The feel is the vibe you feel when you walk into the store. Check if the staffs are helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. Commitment means that the retailer shows a strong enthusiasm for eBikes. Do they offer wide selection of electric bikes, or only a few stuck at the back of their store? Last but not the least; quality refers to the reputation of the types and brands of bikes that the shop has to offer. Ultimately, be sure that the store is in the industry for the right reason and only to generate fast money.

Trust your instinct.

There are a lot of options, ideas, reviews, and not much in the similar way of reputed organizations that review and certify ebikes in a systematic way. What should a buyer do? The best trick is to trust your intuition. If you feel that there is something wrong with the product or with the retailer, don’t go for it. If an electric bike comes from a brand that you have never heard of before and you can’t even find it on Google, then you better keep on looking for other options. If you can’t still narrow down your preferences after applying the tips below, then your instinct could be your best friend.

In spite of the plethora of electric bikes in the market, buying the right one doesn’t have to be difficult at all. Just follow the tips above and you’ll surely get the best electric bike for you. One bonus tip: buy the best ebike for you, and not what other people think is the best.